Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Todays topic for Discussion on Balzac- Quasar chat: Office Politics? Can we do with out them? Can we ignore and not be sucked into it?

atheistbishopb: i cannot connive with people coz they
might put in a good word for me
tscquasar: uh oh
tscquasar: then you are in the wrong industry
tscquasar: as simple as that
atheistbishopb: its not a q of teh Industry,
tscquasar: it definitely is.
tscquasar: to a certain extent
atheistbishopb: I dont think politics is a function of
Industry but more a function of situations and People
tscquasar: you HAVE to get used to the politics..
tscquasar: people make the industry
atheistbishopb: does getting used to mean playing it as
tscquasar: do as the romans do.. (to a certain extent)
atheistbishopb: ??
tscquasar: some amount of politics is necessary in the
workplace.. for everyone to survive..
atheistbishopb: yes got that
tscquasar: especially if they're not as good tscquasar: yes
atheistbishopb: BANG ON BANG ON
tscquasar: eh?
atheistbishopb: see i dont really mind peopel with lofty
words and no deeds
tscquasar: but they mind you
atheistbishopb: nope
tscquasar: they do
tscquasar: and i'm a good 70% sure about it..
tscquasar: (i first put 90.. then i made it 70) but i'm
atheistbishopb: as of now I have shown everybody
body that I will do my work but i cannot do sycophancy
atheistbishopb: It might look as tho I am playng safe
and being in good books of everybody but I cannot
make friends with anybody for an end Business goal
tscquasar: then dont
atheistbishopb: I am suer that a few people resent me
for that but I dont mind if they resent for something I
dont do
atheistbishopb: If that means that I will take more time
to reach the top so be it
tscquasar: atleast not now.. but if people get the
impression that you're two goody shoes.. it might affect
you in the long term
tscquasar: i went through the same shytte.. and got
branded as miss goody-two-shoes
atheistbishopb: and now?
tscquasar: well.. it was hard for them to elect me as a
manager.. cuz i was a 'softie'
tscquasar: eventually i got the position.. but with great
lectures.. (because I was just 21 at the time)
atheistbishopb: but softie is something else right
tscquasar: no.. softie essentially is goody two shoes..
atheistbishopb: when I need to be hard on somebody
working withme or below me I am as hard as any one
but in that situation I dont
tscquasar: people will wonder if you can handle a post
that has a lot of responsibilities (in the form of dealing
harshly with colleagues)
atheistbishopb: I dont play politics and let go of that
person as that personmight get me something else at a
leter point of time
tscquasar: well.. that's what its all about...
atheistbishopb: I am getting ur message but politics is
one of the things which I seem to have an intractable position
tscquasar: you scratch me.. and i bite your head off..
that's the name of the game..
tscquasar: hm
tscquasar: i understand..
atheistbishopb: you scratch me.. and i bite your head
off.. is fine with me but u scratch my back I scratch urs is what i
dont like
tscquasar: i know the feeling..
tscquasar: but sometimes keeping a job is real
atheistbishopb: Sometimes I see myself as a misfit in this
"competitive Industry"
tscquasar: i used to play such games.. then i got so
bored.. one day i had a face-to-face with my boss.. and
told him that i don't like playing these games.. so do
something about it
atheistbishopb: here relationships seem to be based
mroe on an end objective than anything else which is like
treason to me
tscquasar: hm..
atheistbishopb: what did ur boss say?
tscquasar: i can imagine how bad the indian corporate
world must be..
atheistbishopb: i donnno if it is a feature only of this
place or is it common world over
tscquasar: my boss told my colleague to keep out of my
hair.. as i did more work than the other two put together
atheistbishopb: and I donno if I am seeing and
percieving all these becoz I started off on a wrong foot in
the organisation?
tscquasar: out here it can get pretty bad.. if you are a
tscquasar: no its very common
atheistbishopb: I have to take a call on what i need to do
tscquasar: hm ok
tscquasar: :-)
atheistbishopb: but that will be one quantum shift
tscquasar: true true
atheistbishopb: I have to decide whether this situation
is coz: I am seeing and percieving all these
becoz I started off on a wrong foot in the organisation?
whether it will be different if I join a different organisation
tscquasar: a lil slap into reality: ITS GOING TO BE
atheistbishopb: aaaahhh
atheistbishopb: If I decide to play it may be i will end
up with an upper hand
atheistbishopb: I hate that statement

Reproduced with permission from Chat between Balaji and Foolmaker. All rights reserved. hehe.


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