Saturday, August 25, 2001

Religion is one of the most confusing, confounding and the most potent force in the history of mankind.
Its the same force which kills more poeople after Diseases and Natural catastrophes.
More wars are fought, more people killed, more people persecuted, more people discriminated than by any other "concept" known to man.
What is a religion? It a concept or an idea which unifies a group of people to follow a certain way of life. This way of life might include praying to a God, following a set of activities to guide ones life towards an end. It is this way of life which is supposed to provide a framework for all actions.
When I was in Jammu a few days back, I noticed this lady who was going to Vaishno Devi temple, she wished something would happen and the bloody thing did end up happening so she had to literally (I dont think a word exists in the english dico for this) scale the mountain, which means for 15 kilometers, she lies down on the path makes a line at her head gets up and lies down with her feet at the line and repeats the same for 15000 meters.( and there I was all flustered just using my feet and comfyly walking up). What forces and makes them beleive in this superior force is out of my comprehension.
But actions/beliefs of very smart people around me force me to acknowledge that some force has to exist. Very few smart people are actually atheist and a more posher word "agnostic".
It was a very difficult decision to try to say no to the climb of 15km, coz as far as I can admit to myself I dont really believe in God and to be more politically correct I always say that I am still looking for him.
There was this dilemma in my mind saying if the guy actually exists he would hate that I came this far and dint come to say hi to him!!
And also that I cannot get into a trance shouting Jai mata di tho I tried my level best but its just not in me.
There is too mcuh goin on in my mind to write abt GOD.
But what ever god is whether he exists or not the worst thing is wen u see these hardliners radicals who think everybody who beleives in another way of life is a bugger worth dying.
If that is what God is supposed to be then its better that 95% of worlds population is hallucinating and is living in a state of Mass Hysteria.


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