Tuesday, August 28, 2001

I am picking up this thing from Foolmaker's blog. One real cool babe this one.

who saw that GARY CONDIT interview last night??

i didn't.
because i pretty much knew how it would go:

Connie: Do you know where Chandra Levy is?

Gary: Yes.

Connie: WHOA! *eyes wide open, she looks at cameramen, cops, security and hesitates as she asks*
............are you Chandra Levy's killer?

(yeah right!)

Gary: *with a distant look in his eyes* Yes.

Connie: WHOA! No murder weapon found though..

Gary: Oh yeah. about that.. you'll find it in my pants..
.........i screwed her well


what the hell were those million people expecting to hear from Condit?
that he killed her and burnt her body to ashes.. and then washed those ashes down his throat with some beer?

watch something more important.. something intelligent.. something worthwhile..

god! people are such suckers for stories of sex, lies and murder.


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