Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Last Sunday I was shopping in the Sunday Market, its better than any Amazon, the cool thing abt this market is that u shud never go looking for a specific book here just go browse teh whole market and u will find so many books that u missed looking for. Its one amazing place. i hope theres something like this in Mumbai as well.

I found this really cool book " 2000 more insults"
lemme give u a few excerpts

Today on Tightwads:
He is a real carefree guy, he doesnt care as long as its free.

Money means nothing to him, u ask for money you dont get anything.

The Longest trip to mankind is the one that he makes to his pocket.

He is a man of rare gifts, its rare when he gives one

The best definition of an optimist: Ones who try to borrow money from guys like him.

He is waiting for a total eclipse of the Sun so that he can send a night rate telegram

The way he nurses a drink it looks more like an hour glass

No one can find fault with his cleanliness, he has been sponging for years.

When he takes a dollar bill out of the pocket, George Washington blinks at the light.


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