Wednesday, October 31, 2001

This is one of the coolest conversation I had.
The topic of the conversation: Rahul challenging me for a game of Age of empires and we are using Captain Haddock's Choicest galis.

atheistbishop toffee-noses I still havent played teh age of emplires
rahulkorlipara : hell don't tell me. why??
rahulkorlipara : Haven't been able to install it ??
atheistbishop : had to rush home to meet my girl friend
rahulkorlipara : aaaaaaaaaah coconuts, miserable earthworms and slubberdegullions!!!! u need to start playing man. I have been craving for some competition
atheistbishop : odd-toed ungulates i will pay tonite and beat the shit out of u in a week
rahulkorlipara : yeah right dream on u vegetarian jellied-eel
rahulkorlipara : Let's have a bet since I kinda specialize in making bets with Guano gathering brutes
atheistbishop : lemme show u what I am made of slave trader
rahulkorlipara : one temptations chocolate says u can't beat me in a week or even a month
rahulkorlipara : wanna take the bet u politicaql fuzyy-wuzzy
rahulkorlipara : ??
atheistbishop : I am fuming over the challenge in front of me u pickled herrings can never beat me ha ha ha ha ha
rahulkorlipara : then take up the bet u duck-billed platypus
atheistbishop : I just did u pithecanthropus
rahulkorlipara : u got it u phylloxera Name the time and place. u've got a week to poslish your miserable moth eating skills
atheistbishop : To have a phot o finish and beat u I need a week u patagonian but to beat the hell out of a gibbering ghost I need a 2 weeks
rahulkorlipara : I mean u will need 'em
rahulkorlipara : u got it u miserable rat eating invertebrate. 2 weeks it is. One temptations is the bet. In the meantime stop dreaming about gallows-fodder and polish your numbskull skills beause u will need it
rahulkorlipara : u will be punished u insolent porcupine. I will beat the shit out of you and don't beg for mercy because u ain't gonna get it u fat face . ihahahahahahahaaaaa
atheistbishop : I am the vanguard for blackguards like you, I am the cephalopod for rhizopods like I am here to avenge all teh defeats of miserables in the hands of heretic like you and From now you can sleep calmly no more U can breath easily no more coz Me the original will decimate u the aborigine
rahulkorlipara : dipsomaniacs seldom make good orators, vegetarians seldom make good cannibals, highwaymen seldom make good businessmen, nicompoops seldom make good Age of empires players. Dream on aborigine hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa
rahulkorlipara : fancy dress fatimas ought to stick to fancy dresses not play age of empires with geniuses like me. U will lose like a trampled bougainvilla. It's written in the book of the aztecs.
atheistbishop : Lemme throw moujiks liek you under a rusted double decker in charminar, I will beat every anthracite into submission Goose caps dont deserve to live on teh face of this earth, I will have snowy take a bite out of every sea gehrkins bums,
rahulkorlipara : JAM
rahulkorlipara : Dream on harlequin. Miserable earthworms like youe were meant to be crushed under the heels of Savages like me. your doom is writtem and sealed. Die die die u anamorphic aardvark Die die die!!!!! ihahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
atheistbishop : Aztecs need to lie dead under teh south american mountains, since they lost the age of empires to the Incans like me. Stool pigeons have never been good players of Age of empires,
atheistbishop : all these fancy dress fascists who thot they conquered the world, with these nitwit ideas of victory have never come accross a formidable foe, these hooligans who like the Indian cricketers always won at home need an opponent like me
atheistbishop : JAM
rahulkorlipara : Precisely why u shouldn't be dreaming impossible dreams u novice. Accept the patronage of the great one (Me) and live in cowardly paranoia. Don't aspire to be what you aren't. Survive. Exist or u die. Dont's aspire to compete because u can't. abecedarians and flaming jack in the boxes shouldn't be thinking of venturing into domains that require the grey cells. Give up. give up. give up those fool's dreams
rahulkorlipara : JAM
rahulkorlipara : You've got balls child. Your testicular fortitude is commendable

Will update in the next spar and the head to head.


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