Saturday, August 11, 2001

In Delhi: i donno why but I hate this place. Its people, its weather, its station, its everything.
Coming back what seems to me like my favorite question: What the Bloody hell is India, if u are bored of reading this this is teh right tme to move on or else here it goes again.
1. Name all the North Eastern States and their Capitals
2. Name all the districts In Telengana region of AP

Continuing withe discussion on Kashmir, we want Kashmir to be part of us becoz "we" think its a part of us. and we dont seem to bother how much suffering those guys are going thru.
I am not saying that if Kasmir is independent or if goes to Pakistan it will get better, but just that now they are the masters of tehir fate.
North East is a part of India. But how many of us really know anything about it to make sure that it is a part of india, coz now if China wants to take over Sikkim or if sikkim wants to be independent then there will be a huge outcry of "Nationalistic sentiment" We will make a few songs on DD1 on how North East is a part of India.

Do u think India would be what it is if Britishers hadnt occupied India, Would india as we know today exist?or would all teh princely states proclaimed themselves as a country each? Now what is India?


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