Tuesday, October 16, 2001

I hate it when I have no idea whats going on around me. Even more when its happening to me.
The frustration might not be due to my inability to affect the situation. Even the statement that I just made smacks of my constant
pre-occupation with proving to myself that I am in control of the situation.
Am I better off if I know for sure where I stand in the organisation and what part do I play in its future? Yes
But does the organisatio know where it is going and How it wants to get there? No
Is your predicamment a simple result of transverse logic that as the organisation is very confused so the choas has effected you as well.
So should I make sure of my position in the organisation? What if they tell me tommorow that we no longer need your services?

The other way of coping with such a situation is to align yourself with the influencers in the organisation. That means keeping the people who probably might influence the decision in good stead, however artificial that might be. I have never been able to make friends with an end Business objective in mind.
With so many rumors floating in the organisation, shud you believe everything or shud you be "street smart" and take in only depending on what a "few" people tell you?
One of the Lousiest things which has happened due to this acquisition is that no one trusts no one. Everybody is insecure.
Productivity wise, nothing seems to be happening, people just seem to be huddling in groups to talk about whats happening, who's saying what.

In such a state of affairs, where:
1. The people who recruited me are no longer present.
2. The organisation in which I used to work for is now a department in "bigger" organisation
3. My boss had one boss above him, now he was around 5 people above him. Usually shudnt be a problem but the communication distortion unintended and intended, which happens is appalling.
4. We get to hear soft music before we start a conference, we get things like toys, balls, and other stuff to hold when we talk so that we can concentrate better
5. Its more important for analysts to be in good stead even if that means kicking out 50 employees.

Is it fair on my part to look for another job while I am still getting payed by this company? I donno. The worst part is if I am looking for a job when i am here, I am neither doing a good job here, nor am i doing a good job of getting a new job. ideally i shud keep looking for a new job and care two hoots to this job till they gimme a clear signal of what they would do. Is ideal = street smart = unethical. then I dont really bother if i am not doing the ideal thing to do. I am here and I will do a good job of what I have in my hand. The only way that I can retain this job is to make myself indispensable to the organisation. ---Cool statement----
Do I know how? NOPE


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