Saturday, August 04, 2001

Mumblog II:
The train back was more interesting. I think there was too much on my mind in the mornining to notice anything. On the way back I had time to look and notice people. Typical to the MBA ilk, I had to put these people into categories:
1. I donno what to dream, the blankest buggers.
2. I am dreaming about where i want to be, buggers like me, thinkin abt how wonderful future will be for them, the starry eyed.
3. I am living in a dream, content buggers with a perpetual smile and a smirk and contempt for the 2nd category
4. Been there done that.
5. Broken dreams, wanna go back to category 2.

There was this couple who was koo-chie kooing standing in the isle, they seemed so joyfully oblivious of the hustle and life rushing past them.
Then there was this really old bugger with his 40 year old extermely bored companion, talking about how to do business and why somebody will give him Rs30 crores to build a 20 floor complex????

The ease with which Mumbaiyaites use "crores" is amazing.
A typical rel estate classified goes like this.
950 BHK (Bed room, Hall, Kitchen), sea facing (which is usually a kilometer away with 20 other buildings in the way), 12 crores negotiable (did u just say 120000000 frigging rupees??????????????) thats the Income per year of 80,000 average indians!!!!!!!!!

The conspicuous opulence in Mumbai is amazing. From anups flat in Malabar Hills, I was dying to see a maruti 800.
Coming back to the old guy, teh companion seemes so uninterested with what the old man was saying that he borrowed a news paper and pushed it between himself and old bugger but the old bugger never stopped.
Suddenly there was this beggar girl who started singing a song again depending on the way people reacted these types emerged:
1. Starers: People who stared at the girl with disgust and pity.
2. Ignorers: people who are making great efforts to ignore the shril
3. The Cud chewers: groups of kiddos whispering at the top of their voice, when they realised that they have lost the position as the cynosure of all eyes.
4. The Wannabbees: With their heads held so high, that I was looking for eyes in their throat, giving the girl scornful looks saying work hard u will get there sometime, look at me!!
5. Ki"shor" e kumars: I can sing so much better. The worst buggers.
6. Commentators: Need I say more!!!

Suddenly a feeling of exhilaration:
For once today a place that I know and can relate to Malabar Hills Station at the grant road.


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