Friday, August 03, 2001

This blog has taken ages to come excuse me if I cannot recreate the gusto, that it was goin thru.
The day started very expectantly - mostly about the sub-urban train ride and about the flat taht i would stay for the next thre years.
My CEO had forewarned me that before I get used to mumbai I would have to get my pocket picked twice, i would nearly die near the train trying to get in.

I wanted to take a bus to Grant road from Anups Flat, but just couldnt resist the sight of a Taxi on the sweaty day- Company money only so no problem.
I made a very conscious effort not to look like a wide-eyed tourist, trying to look at the top floor of every high rise, every identifiable landmark, if i ever lose my way. Mumbai's exclusive sights of Anglo indian women with their flowery gowns, for some reason I feel that they all use about 20 varieties of cloth and the whole community uses only these for clothes.
But all my ministrations of trying not to look like a tourist failed when the cab driver asked if I wanted to see India gate.

Got of fthe cab and walked into the station trying to look distinguished( I have no idea why), formal trousers, cell phone, laptop case( no laptop as yet but!).
Went in bought a ticket
Shock: a Second class ticket to Kandivali: Rs.8/-
A first class ticket to kandivali: Rs73 goddam bucks/-
Waiting for the train, as I had nothng to do tried to look for subjects for the blog, couldnt find a pattern among them, before I could arrive at anything there was the train...
I found the going very smooth till Bandra.
I looked at a map of the western railway provided by Roshan Bengali- Sex specialist and problem come to me.
Counted ten stations to Kandivali double checked 10 stops.
The train stopped at Bandra, everybody got down, i mean verybody, as though they got a subliminal clue from the chips implanted in their brains.
I was alone in the train for 2 min, till i grew suspicious and got down and suddenly the train started moving, I jumped back in and teh train was empty as ever. I did notice a few buggers on teh platform looking strangely at me.
and the train stopped again after a few min in teh middle of nowhere.

U have a 1 new message from Balaji:
Rohit reads: contrary to widely accepted views taht mumbai trains are very crowded, I am alone in a whole goddam train to myself.

I was furiously sendign SMSes when i was disturbed by a havaldar( not in a long chaddi any more), he was smiling and asked me " aap ek hi bahadur hain ya aur hain? ( mail me for translation:) I promptly took out my ticket to kandivali and proved him my honesty,
He then said FYI, the train has reached its shed and was going in for a wash. I had to trot back to the nearest station a kilometer away. I had to hide my face from all those guys who saw me smugly reading Ken Follets Code to Zero- BTW a stupid book.


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