Monday, July 30, 2001

I missed my train and blamed the Indian Railways for it.
The best part is (I have to say something to camouflage my stupidity, purely a diversioanry tactic.)
I am in this sleeper coach bus supposedly for the honey mooners, the bumps and ditches on the road have their advantages sometimes.

The Mumbai trip:
Lemme finish the obvious stuff about what i want hope would happen:
I dont want to not experience this trip.
I want to stop at every moment and experience it.
I am taking a cam with me so that I can capture visually the experience called Mumbai.
Am I hyping it too much?
Does missing my train constitute a bad omen? May be.
But it taught to check every goddam thing. Dont be surprised I ask questions like Whats my name? Whats a blog?

Everynight, when I go back from office at around 10:00 or 11:00
There are these 3 blind beggars standing at the same spot everyday... I give them a very curious sum of money.
I give them any amount of money I have as lomg as I have less than 30 and if i have more than thirty I give them 30.
This sum has gone up from 10 to 30 in the recent months.
Do I give them that money so that they are happy using it or is it coz I would be happy seeing them happy.
In the end, even if I becoem a big philanthropist, its all for me.


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