Monday, July 16, 2001

Parties, committees, commissions, frenzy, herd, congregation, mob, gang, professions, community, crowd, assembly, mass.faction, troop, band...
Humans are obsessed with forming groups. The affiation motive is so high in human beings that they form temporary groups of all kinds and intensities.
Like I tend to form groups for a myriad of reasons:
1. I always form a group with the people on the same side of traffic line, if somebody from the "other" side crosses the line then I espouse this group against the other.
2. I form a group of non-vegetarians against the vegetarians at a party
3. I even form a group against the people who use Google against the poeple who use altavista.
4. I form a group who are MBAs and a stronger group with the HCU buggers.
5. We have always been forming groups based on the place we come from and the language we speak.
6. I even form a group with the people who blog and try to convince the other group to blog as well
Thats examples enuf but what am i trying to say quoting all these examples? I donno.
I form a group with all the Indians, I form a stronger bond with all the telugus, i form an even stronger group with Hyderabadis, stronger group with HCU guys. I form a group against the whole establishment when the guys at my college or my apartment are threatened.
I was never so happy when tendulkar scored runs than when Laxman scored lots of runs
We form a part of hundreds of groups at the sametime. There is always a conflict that keeps going on. Am I more responsible to the office group or to the group called family?
Unfinished blog: reason cant think why I thought abt what I just blogged.


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