Friday, December 28, 2001

Welcome to the co-opted:
This is one phrase most of my Reds (the communist guys and gals) who believed that there are two opposing paradigms in the world, a dominant world paradigm and a Thrid world paradigm.
And every big Business movement is the handy work of some big honchos in some american and european banks and not any thing called Market Factors.
When somebody counters their theories, they counter- YOU HAVE BEEN CO-OPTED BY THE MEDIA.
A little late welcome to all the blog co-opted but here it goes:
Korlipara: always inebriated, where ebriated is being drunk.
Aishwarya: if calvin was real and needed a pativrata who would "worship" him and be a great fan of his, then here she is.
Aditi: if confusion in self had a Greek Godess, then here she is!!
Praveen: A guy krazy about people from Kummarwadi
Srinivas: Lal Salaaam Comrade, the left side of Things
Chinmayi: the babe in the helmet on the bike, with a very misspellable name.
Rajiv: my soulmate and life partner during lunch.
Sangeeta: lol, mom in office, so?, that, tatalu.

And heres ot the one who co-opted me:


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