Friday, December 14, 2001

jaywalker: why are all relationships complicated?
atheistbishopb: which relationships?
jaywalker: any relationships
atheistbishopb: specify there is a lot of diff
atheistbishopb: dont run away from naming or accepting the relationship first
jaywalker: girl-guy relationships
atheistbishopb: very well put
atheistbishopb: safely put
jaywalker: (snort)
jaywalker: yez thats right
atheistbishopb: just hypothetically explain one complication?
jaywalker: forget it.. getting into that will mean facing stuff i don't feel like right now
atheistbishopb: synonym= running away
atheistbishopb: do what ever u really feel like doing
jaywalker: what i really feel like doing is... killing a few people i know or just disappearing myself
atheistbishopb: hehe
jaywalker: tell me, do you know why i am running?
atheistbishopb: coz u are just as hesitant a person who enters an unknown realm
jaywalker: hmm
atheistbishopb: its like u are taking a roller coaster ride for the first time
atheistbishopb: u will always be afraid
atheistbishopb: but at some corner u know u might enjoy it
jaywalker: hmm
atheistbishopb: but u might end up like enjoying the hell out
atheistbishopb: or might puke mid way thru
atheistbishopb: but u will never know if u dont really take the ride
jaywalker: what if i have taken a ride and given it up halfway?
atheistbishopb: its a question of did u go thru the ride at least one revolution
atheistbishopb: or did u quit before reaching the top
jaywalker: halfway
atheistbishopb: the how would you know whether u would have really enjoyed it without getting to the best part the top?
jaywalker: how do i know the top is the best part
atheistbishopb: u would never know without reaching there
atheistbishopb: its just a cost benefit analysis
atheistbishopb: am i ready to puke mid way thru to see if I enjoy the top?
jaywalker: maybe i've puked and came running down to safety
atheistbishopb: would you go all the way to reap the benefits?
atheistbishopb: but if u puke when u are at the top then it completely justifies ur stand
jaywalker: hmm.
atheistbishopb: but u have to get to the top u might just be so thrilled that are actually on the top of the world
jaywalker: yeah
atheistbishopb: I hope u understand where I am getting at
jaywalker: i think so.
atheistbishopb: if u puke u will need a medicine and u will be fine very soon
atheistbishopb: but if u dont take the plunge and not really know how the top of the world looks like
jaywalker: hmm.
atheistbishopb: u have to wait for a long time before the next exhibition is in town
jaywalker: hmm... but then its not always only me :-) sometimes its the exhibition
atheistbishopb: and its not as periodic as it happens like an exhibition
jaywalker: i know that’s not clear
jaywalker: but that’s the closest i can get without talking too much
atheistbishopb: exhibition also has to think the same way or u have to make the exhibition think the same way
jaywalker: :-)
jaywalker: can you really make the exhibition change the way it thinks?
atheistbishopb: how do u know how it thinks?
jaywalker: when the exhibition tells you , you know
atheistbishopb: so do u think exhibition can think the way u think?
atheistbishopb: did u go looking for the exhibition?
atheistbishopb: or did exhibition come to ur town?
jaywalker: no didn’t
jaywalker: and I think the exhibition can think anyway it wants to if only it wants to
atheistbishopb: exhibition will come to town only if u wanna get on to it
jaywalker: exhibition came to town :-)

Lets see if jay Walker jumps onto the Roller Coaster from the Plank. In the next episode of Roller Coast Guard.


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