Friday, December 21, 2001

I was watching this parliament Fiasco for the last few days.
I have always been a vehement supporter of No nation theory.
But I feel very outraged as these acts keep happening to Indians.

I have this theory that Indians as a race are very timid people and are not very competitive either.
We seem to be one of the most tactless people in the world. Our spokesmen never seem to match the poise and reason of the Pakistan High Commissioner, who ever the smart Bastard is.

Pakistan always seems to get the better of India on topics which we seem to overlook, for example, the evidence that they want us to show them, if we are so goddam convinced that its LeT and JM then why cant we bloody show it to them?

Its either that Indian Govt doenst have anything and just blames them to absolve its responsibilty to conduct and find the guys who did it.
I am actually tired of seeing India getting it ass whipped to the moon in any diplomatic initiative.
We cant even seemt o convince anybody in the world about which all the 90 odd crore people are more certain than their next meal.


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