Monday, November 26, 2001

Does my perception of myself become a reality through the thoughts, decisions and actions of every moment?
What is "I"?
People keep saying dont pretend be urself. Isnt pretending being urself as well?

what is one self?
Jean Paul Sartre says that " A man(nothing sexist intended, just for the ease of use) s a sum total of all his actions. His intentions of what he actually wanted to do doesnt matter at all."

Bhagvadgeetha says: crudely put: Just do your work and dont bother about the result.
Seems to imply that intention seems to be everything.

lemme paste an old post of a similar topic that I had posted:
atheistbishopb: Who am i
atheistbishopb: Am i who I think i am
double decker: Whoever you think you might be
atheistbishopb: Or am i what i really am
double decker: you wont know that till you become what you think you are
double decker: it's all very relative
atheistbishopb: what if I am wrong and I am just conforming
double decker: every cell in our body is changing every picosecond....
double decker: so we're actually not who we think we are... cuz we're constantly changing.. physical
changes definitely brings about changes on every level
atheistbishopb: so there is nothing called I am
atheistbishopb: why isnt there a construction in english like
atheistbishopb: I am having , I am eating
double decker: actually its not just "I'...
atheistbishopb: for the verb be
atheistbishopb: why isnt there a contruction like: I am being?
atheistbishopb: see I am all muddled up
atheistbishopb: I just feel very inadequate
double decker: its' a feeling
double decker: it'll pass
atheistbishopb: without my doing anything?
atheistbishopb: then it will come back again
double decker: its all a cycle
double decker: a vicious cycle
double decker: that's what life's about...
atheistbishopb: i dont like cycles I will straight lines
double decker: you dont get respite
atheistbishopb: u dont get respite you snatch it
double decker: yes you do
atheistbishopb: and i am going to
double decker: but you cant snatch something and be happy forever
double decker: whatever works for you
atheistbishopb: see u may not see it but my last statement reeks of ego


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