Thursday, December 27, 2001

Oh my god!
Who ever said a nuclear bomb was a scare tactic?
Who ever said Natural Calamities/ Diseases killed most people?
Who ever said capabilities and Intelligent command the most respect?
Who would make the most money if he/ and she starts charging people money to use his/her photographs?
Who gets the blame for everybody’s mistakes? Who gets the credit for almost everybody’s good deeds?
Who gets the most Donations even when there are millions of poor people?
Who is the unifying factor for billions and Who is the only factor who can have 2 billion strong groups fighting each other?
Who is the basis the organization, which holds the most amount of land in US?
Who is the person, who can make climb 20 km mountain just for a peek, when he is supposed to be everywhere?

And the final question is:


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