Wednesday, January 23, 2002

I have been waiting for this post myself.
If you look at my blog most of it is very impersonal in nature, impersonating as a very personal blog.

SInce my team was fired. I have been thinking of venting my feelings online here. But, I am just not able to feel bad about the whole episode. I do feel completely useless if that is any consolation.

I think I would mature as a person. I will learn to take such things in my stride.
The only problem being, I have lived atleast the last few years of my life feeling needed and I liked being able to solve many a things (so i thot) but now when a company tells me that it doesnt need my services any more its more a hit on that notion than on my ego or on my professional acumen.

This episode will just push to work harder and I guess more importantly smarter. One important lesson is to look at the signs.
But I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team. After lying low for a few months under the tyrant, It was good fun letting myself go and doing good work and having fun.

I will miss the team, I will miss the friends that I made. I might miss the company.


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