Friday, January 11, 2002

I think more relationships are destroyed by just this word not even a feeling called Love.
Coz Love by itself is such a relation-specific concept, but Individuals always try to rationalise and compare it with relationships around them and their past relationships and confuse it all up.

Love which is supposed to bond people, more often than not ends up putting unimaginable and unrealistic pressure and requirements on both of them. There are supposed to be these actions that they have to do, which is more to satisfy the concept rather than any genuine need for those actions.

Ignoring that word, all you need a good relationship is just two sensible people. You dont need the right dream girl or adonis to have a sense of that "relationship". Leave your ego as when you leave ur footwear when you enter a temple. Ego is one the most important charectors in life but is not to be demonstrated always.


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