Thursday, June 21, 2001

One of my childhood questions which still remains unanswered. I am sure not for the lack of scientific thought but mostly my disinterest in finding the answer.
How does a mosquito stay at the place in a lift when the lift is moving?
I am on top of a train and I jump why doesnt the train pass under me for that split second? Does the train have its own gravitational pull?

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Look at the following situations:
A boy is running full steam and he throws a ball straight up will he catch it or will it fall behind him? It will fall behind him.

Now a question:
Its common knowledge that Planes rotate along with earth. and satellites rotate above earth. Meaning, a guy in a plane cannot see the earth rotate under him but a guy in a satellite can see the earth rotate under him.

So if we can launch a plane to a hieght where it can let the earth pass under it and it can drop right on its destination without moving an inch horizontally.

Another question:
What is that point in space where below that point u rotate with earth and above that point u can see the earth rotate under you?


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