Sunday, July 01, 2001

Why do we have government?
Processes and actions that people undertake are like vehicles at an intersection.
Human nature always says I wanto go first, irrespective of when I reached the intersection and how important is it for me to cross over.
To regulate people, there is a cop. So why do we need this cop? If all Humans were to act "rationally", there wouldnt be any need for any surveillance.
So we need a government to regulate the actvities of We, the Humans.
And what is the primary, all encompassing task (lets not say task) duty of a Government? To provide a what ever the people need?
True? Lemme take a Poll. Theres nobody around so: 1/1 100% of the target population said yes. 0/1 said no.

And who is the majority of the population? the poor people or lemme use more "politically correct" (as though there is some thing actually called correct politically!!) the financially constrained, the weaker sections of the society, the Kisans, the dalits etc..

I am really shocked some times, when there are people Government bout taking off subsidies, demolishing houses, retrenching thousands of people. I ask myself this fundemantal question? What is more important: People or Fiscal policy?
Fiscal policy is what stabilises the country against wide spread gadbad in the future? Tell that to a guy who just lost his job.

When I was a kid and a part of me still believes that theres nobody whos actually "bad" as a person, I never even bothered to understand whether its true or not? I just wanted to belive it so badly. Even now, I just think that people just commit mistakes and thats the end of it.I dont think there are really evil people who live to cheat and hurt people. Sounds very kiddish, very few people actually believ that I am a grup!


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