Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Hobbes: i will start my blog when i'm able to commmit
to putting my thoughts on paper
Hobbes: and not leaving them in my head
atheistbishopb: thats the most difficult part
atheistbishopb: one thng I realised that the head is
very volatile and nothing really sticks for a long enuf
Hobbes: but maybe that' s how it's meant to be
atheistbishopb: good point
Hobbes: :-)
atheistbishopb: but there are such wonderful things
that the brain can conjure up and its sometimes a
shock when it meets the reality
Hobbes: yeah..but my thoughts are seriously
personal...and i'd rather only a few people no 'bt it
Hobbes: know*
atheistbishopb: makes a lot of sense
Hobbes: maybe...but i have tried it...
Hobbes: and i can never read them later without
Hobbes: cause the person who wrote them was a diff
atheistbishopb: dont u laugh at them later?
Hobbes: and it's like i'm reading 'bt someone else
atheistbishopb: lemme tell u a story
Hobbes: tell me
atheistbishopb: I had a gigantic crush on a girl
atheistbishopb: but for some reason i started
writing about the whole thing
atheistbishopb: and I could see the metamorphosis
of thoughts about my own identity
atheistbishopb: my self worth
atheistbishopb: and how I saw her
Hobbes: yeah...that i can understand...
atheistbishopb: and later when i read its some times
strange the thoughts I had
Hobbes: but me just one of those people who 'd
rather not pinpoint it
atheistbishopb: but now I can understand that if I
couldnot have thought all those things I would be
very shallow as a person today
Hobbes: the only place my memories exist in my head
Hobbes: and if they are forgotten they are
Hobbes: the present just is stronger than the past
Hobbes: and to dwell on it...me no can do
Hobbes: cause the past has it's place
atheistbishopb: always but ur present is always a
result of ur past
Hobbes: it's not like it doesn't exist...
Hobbes: i just haven't documented it
atheistbishopb: but comprehension of past is any
day better for ur future and understanding ur actions
in the present
Hobbes: it's not like i haven't understood my past..
atheistbishopb: I never liked a diary
Hobbes: i have it all sorted out in my mind
atheistbishopb: but when those significant or events
when thr direction of ur life changes its better to have
it ....
atheistbishopb: i will not use the techie word
"documented" but would just say express the state of
Hobbes: :-)....me spoken like a true techie writer
atheistbishopb: u might remember the result of an
event but how u came to such a decision, is always a
revelation as an after thought

Atheistbishop: So do u mind if I "document" this conversation?


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