Sunday, July 01, 2001

Humans evolved in organisms with completely different drivers. Logic hardly drives them, ( lemme not say them, coz i would then be called an Alien and I hate MIB) us.
Just look at us, what is the reason for us to live? Logic only tells u why 2+2 is four and everything has to be a 1 or 0. Logic taps into science and tells u that there is always some principle of physics or chemistry or Kalology which drives the result of an action.
What drives humans to study, work, kill, love, surf, cry, bungee jump? Science and logic can tell u at what speed I will fall, when I jump out of a airplane, when do i need to open my parachute so that I can land safely, how do position myself when I land.
But Can logic ever explain WHY THE BLOODY HELL DID I JUMP?

What drives Humans is completely out of the realm of Logic. That is the specific reason why u can never have a computer taking decisions for you. It can only support. In the end the bloody thing has to ask: OK OR CANCEL!!
It will be a goddam borin place if it suddenly dawned on people that they need to be logical.

Jadis, we used to argue about why people needed to marry? After all the big statements, inkling said, All those arguement are fine. But what about all the celebrations and anniversaries which form an essential part of a wedding?


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