Friday, February 08, 2002

Its one of those times when theres nothing to do.
Its one of those phases when time stands still but days pass in a flash.

Its one of those times when you have all the time in the world and friends are busy.
Its been ages since I said: I am kinda busy will get back to you in sometime,
These days its more like: logging every couple of hours to catch friends online but,
There was a time when I dint have time to talk to friends, now I understand how it feels!!
there has to be a balance.

Its rubbish to expect the world to mould itself to your circumstances,
when things are going well, its rubbish to mould yourself to circumstances, but,
When the tide is against you, the temptation to succumb is pretty strong and inviting.

Its a pain to be internally motivated
Its a pain when you think you know everything that is happening with you.
Its a pain to think that you understand all the implications of you actions.
Its a pain not to be able to say I have no idea what the hell is going on.
Its a pain not to be able to sulk.
Its a pain not to be able show that my days are not as normal as usual.

Sometimes and only sometimes its a pain to be in this state.


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