Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Are things as bad as I imagine them to be,
or is it just strange that I am actually pretty ok with it all.

Or is strange for me to accept that losing a job is a big deal.
I have been having a lot of negative thoughts these days,
May be a jobless mind is a devils workshop

There's absolutely need to waste good days "trying" to feel bad!
I should actually be enjoying my placid life living off the severance pay.
But I am doing a few good things:
- Trying to give more time to friends though I might have little to say
- Watching a lot of news and Business that I missed
- Never saying no when a friend wants to meet
- Catching up on reading
- Trying to think about what to think

I am just good at imagining things, which is different from being creative, at which I suck bigtime.

The strangest part I really dont know if I am feeling bad or I am ok
and I guess it shows.

But all in one I am one enigma, cool word eh?
but the bloody problem is I am an enigma to myself.


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