Friday, June 15, 2001

worldywise: so mean to tell me that u dint propose to ur girl friend?
Non conformist: why do i need to propose
worldwise: but arent u guys moving a notch up the relationship ladder?
Non conformist: Did I propose friendship to u, when we moved from being aquaintances to friends. That "notch up the ladder" also demands some attitudinal change?
Worldy wise: But guys have always proposed to their girlfriends.
Worldy wise: Isnt it very romantic to see guys going down on their knees with flowers in their hands...
Non conformist: Ok lets go back to the basics, do we agree that the boy and the girl are in love with each other?
Worldly wise: yes.. so?
Non conformist: Do u agree that people in that stage of a relationship understand each other well? Do they atleast understand each others intentions.
Non conformist: If both of them are in unison on their intentions then why propose
Non conformist: If during the course of the relationship, they developped a sense of belonging, which they expect to carry on the whole of their life then why should the guy propose.
Worldyiwse: These are the words of people who are just afraid of expressing their feelings for various apprehensions. They might be in perfect unison. but if the rules of brute logic cannot be applied to such intensely emotional situations. If this is so illogical, then how logical is love? Can anybody explain to me in terms of physics or mathematics, why two people feel for each other so much that they defy the whole world and enjoy each others company to the maximum.
Non conformist: If logic is not so all encompassing then what is this inquisitiveness of ur to find a logical reasons for my actions?
Curiosity, inquisitiveness, learning, knowledge acquistion. education, questioning, what are all these? these are just ways in which humans try to reduce the lack of understanding of events around them.
Man is essentially a control freak,


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