Wednesday, June 13, 2001

I am not reading ur blog to get
an insight into ur life or thoughts.
atheistbishopb: I read it becoz... I waited fror a
long time but couldnt get an answer
tscquasar: answer for what?
atheistbishopb: I read it becoz....
atheistbishopb: I tried to blog but
tscquasar: whats your blog
tscquasar: give me the url
atheistbishopb: dint want to motivate myself
artificially to match ur insight
tscquasar: oh come on
atheistbishopb: havent yet tried it online
tscquasar: once you start writing it'll flow
tscquasar: i used to be such a bum about it
atheistbishopb: so i thought as well
tscquasar: but now i just write for myself.. i write
whatever i think
tscquasar: you should do that
tscquasar: will make you feel better about a lot
of things
atheistbishopb: i know I just have to get over
the thought that I need not match u, I am good
with teh little insights that I have
tscquasar: why do you want to match me?
tscquasar: we're at totally different levels.. they
cannot be compared
atheistbishopb: I know thats why its really
tscquasar: its not stupid
tscquasar: i used to want to match someone
else's level.. i'd struggle so hard..
atheistbishopb: I have to still undersatdn that
this is for me and I might not contribute to teh
collective wisdom
tscquasar: but then after so much effort and
heartbreak i realized its not me
atheistbishopb: thats very true I will start the
blog and then give u teh url-
I lied I was blogging already


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