Thursday, June 14, 2001

I had a small talk with a classmate of mine today. Strange that life moves on so fast and drags, ur thoughts ur actions and ur priorities with it. There were guys from MBA with whom i virtually spent the 2 years. Out of sight out of mind? I hope not.

One of my targets in life is to stop working when i am 45 and just do what my heart says. I might just get into genetics again. But what I really wanted to do was to carry on research on a few hypotheses that I have come to believe.

one of them:
We all know that the place u come from has a great impact on the general bone structure of ur face.
My hypothesis is that the language u speak and the stress on the consonants also has a role in shaping how u look.

If I am a north Indian and staying in south India for a really long time and primarily speaking a dravidian language then I might end up looking like a south Indian. And I do look like a pucca andhra guy. And my cousin, he has lived in hyderabad since his birth and talks as good telugu as me but predominantly talks in Hindi. That bloke looks like Northie?

I donno if its true but Balusian theorem.


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