Monday, December 20, 2004

It is strange and interesting how our pseudonyms get stuck to us.
I started using "atheistbishop", when I was looking to create a kewl screen name to play chess, something related to chess.
Atheistbishop got stuck to me since that evening.
It was easy to see how he got perpetuated. I din't have to check if anybody else was already using the id on any site and it was a neat name to have on chat!
Atheistbishop starting having a life of his own when I started blogging, thanks to foolie who co-opted me.
Atheistbishop's blog seemed to have a life of its own. Two avid bloggers meeting in the evening for a coffee, in most cases, don't discuss the content of their blogs. It is almost as though the blog has a life of its own in the cyberspace and interactions with the being called blog should be restricted to that world.
I blog for myself. But, I also play to the galleries. (Even though they are mostly empty :-))
It is this dichotomy between personal content of the blog and it's availabilty to everybody in the world, which makes the content and the thought process of the bloggers interesting.
It is an argument between being true to one's thoughts and Not being comfortable saying "all" that one want's to say.
May be this is when the identity of the pseudonym asserts him/herself, creating somekind of a distinction between the tangible world and the cyberspace.

There would be times when I am measured in what I say, But there would be times when the blog is release for Atheistbishop. Where, he doesn't care about what the gallery might think.


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