Friday, July 19, 2002

.... and I cried
I liked to feel the tears on my cheeks,
I love when the tears flow all the way down my cheeks, my chin, or rest on my lips or fall on my chest...
I never try to stop them in between, never wipe them off,
I love it when after they dry out they burn my skin
I love it when I can feel the loaded drop just tumbling down
I love it when I can see clearer when I cry
I guess theres a push as well,
If the tear is to small, I guess I cry more to let it go on for some more distance down the cheek

Does it seem as though I like crying?
I do love it when I cry, thats one feeling which comes very very rarely to a boringly happy person like me, so I treasure and try to remember how it felt.
When I was an adolescent I cried once and the tears fell on a paper, I preserved that crumpled peice of paper and its one of my treasured possessions, its just not the tears its the reason, my thoughts that the tears represent.


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