Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I always expect people to reply to my mails, I am really interested in what they write, but what i immediately do, is scroll down to see what I wrote and see how good I was, and I dont like it when people dont reply coz I cant read my mail to them :-) and If i think what I wrote was really good, I cc to myself and read it later. The same is the case with chats, I am a diligent chat saver, everytime I think, I had a good (read interesting and where I did a lot of Intellectual masturbation) chat, I save it religiously.

I made this really good friend in dilli and I have saved almost all chats with her coz most of them are interesting and I had amazing fun talking to her and she did too, and I have all those chats saved by date and I have organised the long mails that we write to each other by date, an art form that i thought I lost along the way of losing friends, but she made me discover a lot of other things along with looong mail writing. and all this was a quirk of fate manufactured by MSN, I think it does a lot of profiling from our chats how else can anybody explain a request from me to her and a request to me from her, when neither ever made any request for adding.... yeah this was a quirk but ascribing some world domination conspiracy theory and feel like mel gibson hiding behind Julia Roberts (sob sob she married some photographer)...


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