Saturday, July 13, 2002

Indians won.
It was crazy to see, how the tight lipped english dont even applaud their own and the stupid indians boo the host countries team right in the heart of london. no wonder their so much anti-asian feeling in UK.
Coming to my all time favorite topic (It does make good conversation at coffee tables, playing a non-conformist is fun) the non-nationalist... The reason that people who dont even know the so-called epithets (I think this word fits into the context, but if it doesnt feel free replace it something appropriate) of nationalism like National Anthem or states in ur country or waist line of the Prime Minister or Official vegetable.... But the usual occasions for the fount of nationalism and Bharat Mata ki jais burst out is when people want to have fun in large numbers, kill a large number of people, and become heroes or people want to crib in large numbers, or complain in large numbers, or when they can clap in large numbers in a theatre when the soldier (most probably a hero who gets a million for that act and gets a clean bath with a few babes in the tub) buries the flag staff in the grond on enemy territory...

But I have no idea why i was jumping up and down when india won the close match today... but then I remembered I did the same when Brazil won the World Cup and I did the same when Ivanisevich won and he was a croatian, so did I cheer for those 11 people or did I jump up and down for India... a country which i will leave when the time comes to look for better green backs...


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