Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Did you ever makie a gaffe whcih keeps coming back to haunt every time something related to that gaffe pops up?
Today i was making some calls and I was talking to a client thinking that he was from some other company and after 15 mins of conversation and intense piching i realised that I was ( i am stamping my feet vigorously as I write this, reflex action to stupidity) talking to another company, when the head of that company asked what was this other company that I kept referring to? I had to do this big balancing act as tho my ass was hanging by a cobweb but did that succesfully avoiding further conversation on this issue.

There are a few events which make me react with a "aaarrrggghhhh" at a mere mention of them and they come as fleeting thoughts and always end with a knowing smile on my face, a knowledge of my stupidity.


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