Monday, October 11, 2004

Two debates old and getting the hang of it now. You can check if I misstate anything and then mail meback the error and you can score 10 brownie points.

Kerry: I have a better plan
Bush: World is a better place now.
Kerry: There are no WMD's in Iraq
Bush: World is a better place now.
Kerry: We lost jobs
Bush: We are safer now with 75% of the Al Qaeda back in Prison
Kerry: Health care cost went up, no child left behind was underfunded... little puppy dint get his bone...
Bush: Saddam was a danger to the world, he had intentions of making a WMD
Kerry: I voted for the war and I voted against funding it after a halo appeared around my head
Bush: Kerry flip flops in his flip flops. Ammmerica needs a strong leader who sticks to his guns and is ready to pull the trigger even if gun is pointed towards thy ass. Consistency is what we require, ass is expendable (Like stallone in Rambo....

Berry: World is a better place with my new plan
Kush: 75% of the Al Qaeda is in prison and we lost jobs
Berry: Saddam is a danger to the world and the health care costs went up
Kush: I voted for war and voted against funding it. My ass is expendable.


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