Monday, July 22, 2002

How can People make ads like that? nd how can people allow ads to be displayed like this? FREE for $5 are people nutttttttttttttsssssssss???? that too for love advice on the phone:
Worst thing is if I start getting referral bonus from this image

Imagine a conversation:
Tom: Hi
Tom: ask me some questions babe? what do you expect me to rattle off everything?
Lisa; Please state your name after the beep.
Tom: Tom
Lisa; Please input your credit card number and expiry date after the beep
Tom: **** **** **** **** **** (Even bloody toms credit card number is safe here)
Lisa: Hi Tom, I am Lisa, I am a system generated virtual entity, who will help you in any way you want.
Tom:Wow, dint that sound cool, which school did you go to?
Lisa: What is your sun sign?
Tom: eh? Ask me soemthing about my love life? Ask me something about my girl? Ask me how it is going?
Lisa: if you have already said your sun sign please press the pound sign?
Tom: You are not listening babe, I have this girlfriend, from work, she is sucha bitch, she never lets me watch TV.
Lisa: if you have already said your sun sign please press the pound sign?
Tom: What the hell is wrong with you? ok have it your way, my sun sign is cancer
Lisa: You are experiecing discord in your love life Tom (Obviously you nut case or else you wouldnt call), but with your good and gracious attitude to life, you will tide over on everything.
Tom: Thats a good start, I like you Lisa, you are the only person who seems to understand me in the world. Can we meet up sometime?
Lisa: Your time for the free $5 phone advice has expired.
Tom: What so fast? But good you helped me have closure with my girl friend, so we were talking about meeting up
Lisa: Please press the pound sign to debit $100 from your credit card.
Tom: $100, what the hell for? Is that like advance for meeting with you/ What is this an escort service? (you have to be politically correct on the phone, cant say prostitution and all that, opps did I just say it? doesnt matter I am not on phone).
Lisa: Tom, please press the pound sign to debit $100 from your credit card to continue talking to me
Tom: So what about meeting up and hangin out, getting a beer....
Lisa: Your call is being disconnected
Tom: Bitch, gimme your home phone number atleast?
Lisa: beep beep beep beep beep


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