Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I love everything I do.
Have I found that thing that I love to do?
I ask these questions, whenever I think about the job that I am doing or when I am thinking about a new job.
Whenever I get into anything, I do all that I can to love ti so that I can get the maximum satisfaction out of it.

But lets see if I dispense with all the management jargon, let me try and write as to what I really want to do:
1. I want to sleep in the afternoon.
2. I dont want any pressures, other than the ones that create for myself.
3. I want to just sit around a table and discuss the whole day long and not have the onus of decsion on me.
4. I want a job where I retire at the highest postion in that field in 2 years

Dream on....


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