Saturday, May 04, 2002

I intend to be happy for the simple reason that I am happy. Theres nothing plaguing my life. I have no tensions which I dont enjoy. I intend to spend each and every second to be as glad and as happy as possible for the state I ain in. I will not brood on some ridiculous issue, get worked up, on not the topic itself but thinking as to "why the hell I am thinking about it so much". I beleive that I need to smile all the time for the happiness that situation and luck and people have afforded me, if i am not doing that and making a fuss about why I am making a fuss about some non-existent problem then I am plain and simple stupid.
I sometimes keep thinking that I have to solve some non-existent problem coz if I dont I might end up in a big soup at a later point of time. I nned not. I am not tryng to convince myself that I need not just for the simple reason that I need not.

The difference about my mind brooding is never apparent when I am in a group but I bug the hell out of my favourite and well meaning friends imposing wierd expectations and questions on them. If I have questions about things which really a(e)ffect me then I should and will ask.



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