Sunday, April 28, 2002

Havent posted much in a looong time, not that I had nothing to say but I guess I had nothing much to say to myself, if thats what I use this online dumping ground for.

Here I am pasting a part of a mail that I had written to a good friend: Dont want to make any commentaire about it, just wanted me to see it again and again. this is me. :
"Most of us have already spread out in the world and conversations over email or chat even though good can never ever replace physical presence not even physical
presence but teh amazing feeling where when ever I feel like I can just give them a call and we can have coffee or I can give em a tight hug. I dont want these real close friends to end up as vacation or once in a year friends. I should be able to pounce on them and just hang around their place and do nothing, I never
believed that proverb "friend in need is a friend in deed" to me a friend is more a person with whom I have a constant urge to be with, share whats going on and just generally be together with out any objective.

So lets see how life shapes me, us, relationships or when I have my enduring image of life when I am sitting in my backyard at 60, I look back and say I have lost so many friends on the way....


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