Thursday, March 28, 2002

Have had this window open for a looong time but nothing worth posting ever came to my mind. I am living a blank existence, working like hell but am I living is a big question? But then what is living? have we made a rubric for us to classify what we are doing and what are enjoying?
I seem to be keeping myself occupied without stopping and thinking about the direction that my life is taking. Should life be lived according to a plan, which can NEVER work. As long as I am (happy) doing what I am doing, should I bother about living? Is living a distinct activity from what I do after getting each morning?
Or I am making constructs as usual create problems where none exist? Or am I in deep shit and I dont even know about it as I am doign things and not thinking and doing?

Or I am just writing all writing to fill in my blog with some pseudo insightful post, a contrived attempt at contemplation, I hope you remember my definition.

I hope "you" remember my definition. Wasnt I under the impression that I am writing this blog for myself and if somebody else is reading is more like a bye-product but I dont think I have ever made a post for myself I always had the "audience" in mind, and looking for that encore.


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