Sunday, March 31, 2002

I watched "Black Hawk Down" a few days before.
I was numbed in thought or lack of it for a few hours later.
I refuse to call it a movie. There were no heros. there was no villian, everybody was a victim.
The movie was packed with Somalians and Africans who I think came to see their country in a movie and not a doucumentary on National Geographic and BBC showing a couple of bent bones wrapped in a shroud of skin with flickering eyes.
I think the presence of these people sitting around me gave me teh perspective to watch the movie. I could picture the guy in Jeans sitting next to me facing those guns back home.
As a movie, it tried to be as realistic as possible I am not talkign in terms of sets and all that but just the fact that it dint condone american actions and it dint try to make heroes out of American Rangers. It dint make any statements about who was the aggressor and who was teh victim, it did make Farrah Aidid a tyrant, for whom even the kids want to fight.
One lesson that I learn from this movie, even though I dint go to that movie for that purpose, is that what gives people like me (I will not use words like "normal", "civilised" even though they came to my mind) a lot of comfort is a small much tainted four letter word called "hope". I am working like a dog and all of us study like hell and work like hell as we hope for a better tommorow from the really beautiful today. Looking at those somalians throwing themselves at oncoming bullets just shows absolute despair, where they have nothign that the future holds, which is better than today.

I am very moderated today not becuase I am bothered about my today but as I hope not to mar my tommorow. When that hope goes from my mind because I cannot see my future being better than today then, I will become one them. I will be one of those countless people who die in Somalia or Afghanistan or Kashmir and I wont even mind being dead.
it was one of the few movies which doesnt work itself towards a crescendo. therss not a sinlge moment in the movie when I got a rush of adrenaline because one guy was killing another 100 very deftly and very posing for a kodak moment after that. This movie looked like a brutal depiction of reality but making it look like a movie so that its distant enough to make you come back to watch it again.

Reality like that doesnt make get word of mouth but I still want you to go to the movie watch it and come home feeling lucky as like me you will get up the next morning and the 465th guy who was killed by the Americans or the rookie ranger who dies in the black hawk will be an actor in the movie who get up after the director yells cut but they will not be people who actually died, people who actually ceased to exist, people who had relationships, friendships... and you will go see another movie think for a few hours. laugh and go on...


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