Saturday, March 23, 2002

Another one of my earliest posts revisited:-)

Why do people who were really good friends, just dont continue?
Is that they just move on?
Do we retain the intimacy that we had? yes. about things which dont really matter.
These friends when they bump into each other become: what are u doing these days kinda friends. Then they promise to get back in touch... then thye bump into each other then they promise to get back in touch.... The story repeats a few iterations before they move on, where serendiptity doesnt even pity them anymore.
Do we become more individualistic as we age?
It really pains me that friends who were once dear to me, have been alienated. I am not really ascribing blame coz I am really dotn understand the reasons.
Is it that there are so many things to do that it eats out of the time that we would have spent with our friends?

Is this an effort to just assuage my self into saying that u have done something about it- u wrote a blog? I donno
But life doesnt afford us so many relationships that we can waste due to lack of a minimum effort.


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