Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Is this blog dead?
Nah, its author is either too busy to blog or blogging has temporarily left the circle of reference. Not pushed out but just left.
Somebody asked the author, why dont you blog any more?
"But, I do", the author says.
"Well, we haven't seen an update on that site for a few months!"
"True enough, but there is a fine difference between: I did not blog and I do not blog!"
"Semantic pendantic"
"But, what is this circle of reference? You have a penchant for jargon and complicating things. It is apt that you are in Consulting!"
Before defending myself about my penchant, circle of reference is an imaginary bubble that yo live in. As life goes on: various people, activities, memories, hobbies, idiocyncrasies, problems, challenges, hopes... enter and exit this imaginary circle.
A new set of colleagues crowd this circle today and have pushed the older lot out. This is not an active process but just a mirror to the past. Friends that you instinctively are reminded of when you want to share something either due to physical proximity or just because you have spending a lot of time with them lately, these are the people in your current circle of reference.
Activities are the same, I rarely think of writing these days, not because I dont have bloggable thoughts, its just that I dint associate those thoughts with the blog. May be my thoughts are mostly about the work I do and it will be drag to post about re-imbursement issues for providers due to a faulty DRGs.
So did that make sense?" asks the author.
"You wish", says the friend who will remain in the circle of reference till I convince her of its existence in it.