Friday, September 02, 2005

It is incredible how much I am going to vent about Katrina in the next few days.

It is incredible to read about the lack of co-ordination and the gusto with which things are being done.

There are no heroes emerging.
Nobody is co-ordinating things
FEMA actually says that first responders from adjoining counties of other states CANNOT come and help out their neighbours a few miles away as they have to follow interstate sharing protocols??

Things will fall into place in a few days,
We will look back and see a few numbers of dead people,
A few people who could have been saved

A few law suits later,
A few press releases later.

Life moves on.
Dead remain dead.


At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Robert Avila said...

The United States is not the Richest Country in the World. We are the children and indeed the grandchildren of the Richest Country in the World. The Children of the Rich tend to be spoiled, the grandchildren of the rich tend to be self absorbed and irresponsible. That is what happens when you are looked after all your life. You grow up incapable of looking after yourself and kind of spaced out when it comes to helping others. It is true that there are some people of money who have character. Some of my best friends were born rich, but as a class, would you really want to socialize with them? That is what we in America have become, spoiled and incapable of looking after ourselves, full of high sounding intentions but with out the will to do the work to see anything through. OK. TRUE! All of America is not like that. There are still a few good traditional Frank Capra types buried deep down there somewhere, but the first, second, third, fourth tier of our leadership rank, corporate and government, are spoiled, like over ripe fruit. And like all spoiled children of wealthy parents we have no control over our self indulgent spending, the money goes for show and entertainment but the levees are not maintained. There is a rich body of 18th and 19th century French and English literature on this subject should wish some pleasurable reading. But, and here is the key point, the spoiled children invariably end up deep in debt, since they are incapable of making money and all too many people are willing to lend them money against their parent’s credit. And that is where we find the United States of America: spoiled, incapable of cleaning up the messes it makes and deeply in debt. No one should be surprised, that is how it always turns out…

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Atheistbishop said...

It incredible to have such a longterm perspective on the malaise. But the spoilt guys did a lot of good things for themselves and have good intentions.

For me, the reaction to this disaster is out of charector. I have always thought of America has hving greater value for life than many other nations (Could be insurance cos driven but still).

This might not shake up the fabric of the populace but I hope it re-orients governments back to what the world believes is true about America.

At 9:38 PM, Blogger Chetan Mallik said...

Good one Bond.

At 5:29 AM, Blogger Ravi Kumar said...

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