Friday, September 02, 2005

Richest country in the world,
You can send thousands of troops thousands of miles away in hours and you cant rescue 20,000 people stuck in a stadium?
One-third of the men and women of the Louisiana National Guard, and an even higher percentage of the Mississippi National Guard, were 7,000 miles away, fighting in Iraq, these are not just soldiers, these are cops and paramedics who could have been critical "first responders".

But can't take care of 25000 people stuck in a stadium?

Richest country in the world,
Cannot stop a hurricane which can flood 80% of New Orleans,
But it should bloody well be able to reach people after 3 days?

Why spend hundreds of billions on National Security, when you cant stop mobs controlling a city after a disaster?
The point is not to link everything to Bush's Iraq policy but the point is does he have anything else at all?

How can they be naive enough to expect that the only disasters in the US are Osama-made?? Who the hell are you going to attack now?


At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your complaints about national guard being in Iraq are just plain stupid. There are more than enough people available to help but the criminals in New Orleans make it very difficult. Police were quiting because of all the lawlessness. You are another moronic liberal who can only complain but never supply a solution.

At 5:17 AM, Blogger Atheistbishop said...

At last!
Somebody took the comments on the blog seriously.
Thank you very much Mr/Ms Anonymous.
Now that we exchanged pleasanteries,Lets come to the merits of your arguments (Not that you had much):
I wont really bother to tell you the number of National Guard from NO/ Lo stationed in Iraq but the point I have always made is this: America is an example of how to take care of your citizens to the whole world. The reason why people would love to come work/live in the US is not really the money, it is the sense of freedom/ predictability/ a better life style. Each of these are assured by the system. Its when this system failed miserably that everybody is outraged. I am as far away from the tragey as can be, but the point is a role model screwing up so badly will make an excuse for every mishandled catastrophe in the future. You will get to hear a lot of "we did better than New Orleans".

Coming by complaining and your so called solutions. So Police (The most modern police force in the world) quiting because criminals were on the loose. So you would agree if the police went back home if you were surrounded by a mob?

I understand where you are coming, I am vehement critic of US as well as an ardent fan in many cases. I would prefer to stay this way rather being 'moronically conservative' all the time.


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