Monday, December 27, 2004

Asia quake toll tops 23,000

26th December 2004
1. I had a heavy dinner yesterday, I need to get my tummy tucked-in for the New Year party, lemme go for a walk in the morning. Marina beach is a kewl place for a long and vigorous walk. I still haven't decided where to party on the New Year's. Should I go to Shomu's party or should I just go pub hopping?
2. I love X'mas holidays. I get to come back home from Love dale, I get to play cricket with my school friends on the beach. I want to hit a sixer today, God please help me do this. I have never asked you anything. This is really important to me.
3. It will be so much fun to bunk IIT tuitions and walk on the beach in the morning with my boyfriend.
4. So what is it is Sunday, at this age, you have to walk everyday to keep fit. Get up. Don't you miss the breezy beach?
5. It is a good thing that I stay right on the beach, my plastic sheet thatch seems to be holding for now. I have to find that guy who paid me 25p less yesterday for the tea, I will keep looking for him till 10 in the morning, he has to come here to watch his son play cricket.
6. I hope this works out. This girl is cute and all but I dint know jack about her and now I HAVE to live with her for the rest of my life. But at least spending a few days with her in Phuket might help us get to know each other better.
7. Fuck man, I have to stop thinking about the RFP's, I have to stop thinking about my bitch of a boss and how she is ruining my career. I spend 2000 quid on this vacation and let me feel the sand on the beach even if I cant feel any bums as yet! Hey! the sea seems to be receding, strange! almost like my hairline!
8. I had to use up the LTA for this year, I had to use it by the end of the year and what better place to ger Rama and the kids than to the Andamans. Kiran is 14 now and he takes so many more risks than I ever could, jet skiing, canoeing and what not. We are off, back home tomorrow. The morning after Christmas is so beautful. Let me savour my last morning in Andamans. The sea seems a little rough today. What the hell is that? Was that an Earthquake? Good that I am on the beach and not in a building. I am safe.
9. 200 Rupiah yesterday. If I can get to that school of fish that I missed, I could make a lot more and not fish for a few more days. I left home at 4.00 am, my children were sleeping. I hope to buy them something in the evening.
10. There is a silver lining to every cloud. Retirement is not that bad! Pretty women all around, peaceful and serene sea in front of me.
11. 3000 miles done with another 700 miles to go before we can see some dry land during the day. Thailand has been a revelation for Kayaking, awesome little islands, awesome little lagoons, I dont care if I couldnt see Brooke Shields or that Leornado's little island. Once we are done by the 1st, the 6 of us will down enough beer to fill a mini-sea.

3000 "people" died in India
12000 "people" in Sri Lanka
10000 "people" in Indonesia

Statistics! :-(
Don't think of disputing the numbers. That is not the point.


At 2:59 AM, Blogger :..M..: said...

It rips right through me everytime I think of the lives lost. It makes me go real low (pun not intended) on life.

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Come help at


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