Friday, July 30, 2004

World's biggest punching bag, the United States of America, its suprising as to the number of people, including me at times, find it so fashionable to go on  US bashing binge. It hasn't done much towards endearing itself in the last few years.
The last few weeks provided a glimpse to why the "institution" called America is so strong. I haven't heard of many countries setting up a commission to find out if they screwed up.
I was pleased to see the commission report going deep into the actions taken by CIA, FBI and the state department to avert 9/11. Before that there was the commission which question why (I almost said "we") Americans were in Iraq even there dint seem to be any evidence of complicity of the Iraqi government in 9/11.
We got a glimpse of counteracting buoys which keep it floating and keep it respectable. If a movie even remotely close to Fahrenheit 9/11, it would have been banned as it would incite "violence" in our greatest democracy in the world.

Long live the punching bag.


At 2:26 PM, Blogger osmosis said...

Dear Punching Bag, take heart from a South African,
remember not all Germans are Nazi,s generalizations
are the real weapons of mass destrucyion.
yours kindly,


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