Friday, March 19, 2004

Level 1: 9/11- nobody wants to shop, nobody wants to fly- economic depression- Bush wants to pump money into economy- war on afghanistan, war on iraq- money flows into ecomony from defense purchases worth $74 billion in one year- time passes- people buy, people fly- america tightens screws on ports, airlines- strip search if they suspect you going to fart methane, every container ships searched, every truck coming into US searched- longer lines at the borders- companies cannot predict when the material could come to the shop floor- Just In Time out of the window- piling inventories- greater spend on hiring security guards- somewhere in between terrorists keep attacking randomly- introduce biometrics, look at the passenger and decide whether he is trouble maker- learn from El-Al airlines of Israel- greater stigmatiztion of immigrants- US becomes a slightly tougher place to do business- Dollar falls against Euro- companies offshore and create redundancy in India and china- companies chicken out to India- avoid paying payroll taxes- US fiscal deficit increases- Kerry blames it all on Bush and Bangalore- people continue to lose jobs- CEO's keep saying "wait it will all come back"- CEO loses his job for an accounting scandal- accounting companies become endangered species- consulting companies prosper giving advice to companies and governments-...

This train of thoughts can keep going on- the train has a continuous supply of interesting factual fuel.


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