Monday, November 17, 2003

Human's wont eolve any more.

The basic tenet of evolution is changing to suit the condition, the situation and the nature.
Human evolution's basic tenet: Change the circumstances to suit yourself.
So we are doomed to be just the way we are.

Do I hear sombedy saying, whats wrong with what we are today?
Nothing. May be thats why we wont evolve.
Our evolution will remain restricted to improving from Intel P3 to P4 (When read after a few years, people say, shit! those guys worked on those) or from Microsoft 2000 to XP, or from 25 inch to 29 inch, from clubs to guns to walking to carts to polluting cars to electric vehicles to nature walks.
From meat to cooked meat to stoves to microwaves to vegans. From caves to thatched huts to bricks to concrete.

After all that how much have we changed in the last 2000 years: Not much (I dont really know how we were 2000 years ago and all that bull archeology about looking at bones and where they lie and "guessing" life styles and mating habits of animals sounds absurd to me)

Do I hear somebody exclaim: 2000 years is but a blip on the time scale. Just look around and see how much has changed around us in the blip and look unto yourself as to how much you have changed under veneer of "Civilization"


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