Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Terrorists in a temple, just jumped in and killed 25 people.
I was just going in an auto the other day, and for some reason, I was just staring out and catching a glipmse of peoples faces and for that second I imagined the life they might be living, their wishes, their relationships... all these people were like statistics... 25 people.

What would be going on in the mind of that person, just when he aims to hit the heart of that person? How can he pull thr trigger after looking at the shock on another persons face? How can he ever justify in the split second of pulling the trigger that this persons life is worth sacrificing for a cause? A cause about which his victim has no idea. Does he feel guilt? Or does he keep replaying the reason for his action in his mind, so as to keep him on his mission.

Once the first bullet is fired, theres no turning back. Self preservation takes over, I killed one and survived the immediate guilt of killing one person. I survived looking at the petirifed eyes of a man that I was about to kill, I survived the guilt of shooting a 9 year old kid in back trying to flee. I know I will be killed, I will end up as a statistic as well, maybe 1 among the 2. So did it make a difference? How does it matter now, my victim is dead and So am I.


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