Friday, August 09, 2002

Buying books is such fun...
People (includes me) make an effort to show off which books they are buying, will always make an effort to be seen with the poshest or the rarest books in the store, I thin the best people are those who come to street markets looking for porn stuff, the stealth looks and the sleight of hand when they very cursorily pick up "that" book as though it was any other and make sure they put it back if somebody is around and later pick it up along with another bulkier book, take it to the seller dump the bulkier book, but the porn book, insist on a cover. hehe.

People are in some way proud that they are found in the books section, everybody wants to look like scholar, everybody is discerning in a book store...
There are squatters
There are coffee-sippers
There are the esoteric
There are the techies
Then there are the incurable "M and B"ites
Then there are shelf decorators
Then there are Homeless, I will sit and finish this 300 page book, right here, right now
Then there are the Wanderers
Then there are the Hallelujah I found my Linda Goodman.
Then there are "sorry wrong section"
Then there are "lemme show off how much I reads"
Then there are "I will ask you only what you dont have"


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