Saturday, August 03, 2002

How would it be when theres no great news report? Is it unimaginable that there can be a day in history where nothing has happened at all.
One day where nobody is killed in Israel and palestine,
One day with no bomb blasts in Kashmir,
One day where no great meetings happen, where no great summits happen, no great foreign visits happen so that all the bureaucrats can take a vacation in some beach resort or some hill station.
One day where no great feats or victories happen in sports, and the ensuing performance enhancement charges,
One day where people just keep to themselves and dont make statements to get onto the front page, like Salman Khan saying, I am a very shy person.
One day where no princess or actress or singer has been caught naked with a compromising position,
One day where the president doesnt eat a pretzel or the prime minister doesnt have a knee operation from playing kabaddi with snails
One day where no elections are announced or no results are annonced no bloody elections in stalemate conitnuing for a few months and producing a dud of a prez.
One day where no tourist is kidnapped for a ransom of Hershey's Kisses
One day where the numbers 9 and 11 are not mentioned, as they make it to the front page by default.

Is news all about extremes?
why cant I see the headlines saying: Mr. Naveen went to office, finished his work and came back home, watched TV and slept.., yeah that will make Naveen a celebrity and he will be co-opted by media and he will look for reports on his ever changing life style.


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